Rampage Recovery Bumpers
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Rampage Recovery Bumpers Safety Measures

Rampage Recovery Bumpers


Road safety is important to the life of every individual. An individual can avoid road accidents or minimize the chances of damage in case of an accident by protecting the vehicle using the rampage recovery bumpers. The recovery bumpers protect the front part of the vehicle in case of a head-on collision or even the rear part of the vehicle. Having a recovery minimizes the chances of deaths caused by accidents as well as the vehicle damages hence essential to the users and owners of automobiles especially the vehicles.
Recovery front bumper with stinger
The bumper is suitable for 2007 t0 2016 JK Wrangler, Rubicon, and Unlimited and it's available at a price of below 600 dollars and shipping is free. It suits both the 2 and 4-door models hence a wider use. It's of high quality as it has a textured black finish and this makes it more attractive and durable. It has an economical advantage as it is resistant to rust and corrosion hence minimized the cost of maintenance and repair. It has a protective role thus preventing the vehicle from collisions, and also it facilitates improved tire travel. It has Custom welded shackle mounts with three-quarters inch shackle D-rings. It's also accompanied by lights which are sold separately.
Rear recovery bumper 
It's available at a price of below 600 dollars, and shipping is free. It has a protective role hence preventing the vehicle from rear collisions and thus guarantees safety. It's durable as it is made of 3 to 16-inch durable plate steel and this is economical due to reduced cost of maintenance and replacement. The bumper is rust and corrosion resistance hence minimizes the cost of maintenance.
Stubby front recovery bumper with stinger
It's available at a price of below 400 dollars. It's durable since its finished using matte textured black powder. It comes hand in hand with 2D-rings and winch plate.
For safety measures, it's advisable to fit your vehicle with rampage recovery bumpers.